Apartment Search Tool 1.0 Copyright (c) 2002 Evan Raskob.

Download it here.

NOTE: Sometimes this downloads with a ".gz" extension instead of a ".tgz" extension. If it does, make sure to change it to ".tgz" otherwise you probably will have a terrible time trying to open it.

This collection of scripts is distributed under the GNU Pulic license (see LICENSE.txt, it should be included in this distribution) in the hope that it will be useful for someone. I apologize for any unreadable or sloppy code, but it was produced under time constraints and, bottom line, it works very well, and does what it's supposed to.


add.php: Adds a record to the database. Used by show.php.
delete.php: Deletes a record. Used by show.php.
config.php: Configuration variables common to all scripts. Basically, MySQL variables.
print.php: Displays a printable format, using HTML tables. You can go to this page directly.
show.php: The main page. Displays records, allowing you to sort them by clicking on column headers. Also allows you to add, update, and delete records.
update: Updates a record. Used by show.php.
create_table.sql: SQL create statements to create the "apartments" table in your database.
Use it like: "mysql -u [username] -p[password] < create_table.sql"

Good luck with it! Hope you don't find too many @sshole landlords like I did.

NO MORE DEMO because spambots are all over it. You'll have to try it on your won if you think it's a useful thing. Too bad.