New Interfaces For Musical Expression::
:: the SoundShell Project
   by Evan Raskob, 2003 er557 [at]
SoundShell :: concept :: a new musical interface
[ also see the original concept and listen to the spoken word track used in the live performance]

(a section of abalone shell under extreme magnification,
from the University of California Santa Barbara website)
An abalone is a small sea creature with an amazingly hard and resilient shell. It creates its shell by secreting layers of protein (each of which is electrically charged in spots) which attract minerals from the seawater around them. Its shell builds up slowly this way, out of the seawater itself, but engineered by the little creature to exacting specifications. ::
SoundShell creates music out of the ambient sounds in a room as if it were an abalone generating new layers of shell. ::
  Instructor: Gideon D'Archengelo