experiencing numbers FA2003 // evan raskob // week1 :: iraqbodycount sketch 1.3

[how can the data from iraqbodycount.net be displayed in a meaninful way?]
The bars are as many pixels long as the of the maximum number of people reported killed in each Iraqi conflict. The top section of each bar represents the minimum number of reported deaths, color in a brighter red for incidents where many people died. Unlike the other sketch, there is no visualization for the data corncerning the difference in the maximum and minimum reported deaths. I just wanted to give a basic impression of the minimum body count over 177 incidents during the past year.

The whole graph is scaled logarithmically by taking the square root of each value, so as to give less weight to large difference in body counts. This reflects my beliefs that both large body counts are usually embellished to a high degrees and that smaller losses of life shouldn't be discounted of diluted in value compared to other incidents. Who can say for certain whether 50 dead is greater in moral value than 40 dead?
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