live video processing '03
// the traffic tracker project ::::: video sketches in max/msp/jitter

// current sketches: download my newest sketches. copyright evan raskob 2003.

// 2003-10-28
Details about my newest sketches:

20031020_trafficamdownloader.pat (1st version, downloads web cam frames)

20031022_subtractchanger.pat (rough sketch)

20031024_scissorchanger1.pat (using scissors to break up an image into a grid and analyze each square)

20031026_scissorchanger2.pat (similar, but better)

20031027_scissorchanger3.pat (different method, but better)

20031028_plurchanger.pat (forgertting scissors, using jit.plur)

changeblocker.pat (passes only an unchanged video square - used inside scissors patch)

figureitout (like changeblocker, with a silly name)

traffictracker001.pat (a working version, probably will evolve into my midterm project)