Class IconButton


class IconButton
extends Button

Defined in example.lfo.jsui.js

Field Summary
 <final> String className
          Name of the class: "IconButton"
 Array(4) color
          R,G,B,A color of this Button's base (will tint image).
 String iconFile
          File name of an image file for this Button's icon.
Fields inherited from class Button
data, className, handler, mouseWasOver, clicked, screenLocation, worldLocation, size, scale, color, hitmask, overmask, inactivemask, debug, clickedHoldMax, clickedCount, active, hidden, toggle
Constructor Summary
IconButton (name, sketcher, iconFile)
            Simple GUI Button subclass with picture icon.
Method Summary
 void drawBase()
           Overloaded drawBase function from Button that draws only the icon image.
 Boolean loadIcon(iconFile)
           Loads an icon image file, returns true if success, false otherwise.
 Object parent(<String> name, <Object> sketcher)
           Simple Button classes for GUI events.
Methods inherited from class Button
setActive, getActive, setHidden, getHidden, setScale, getScale, setSize, getSize, setWorldLocation, getWorldLocation, setScreenLocation, getScreenLocation, onclick, push, onidle, ondblclick, ondrag, onidleout, onresize, hitTest, setHandler, getHandler, setClicked, draw, drawClickedOverlay, drawOverOverlay, drawInactiveOverlay, toString, clone

Field Detail


<final> String className


Array(4) color


String iconFile

Constructor Detail


IconButton(name, sketcher, iconFile)

Method Detail


void drawBase()


Boolean loadIcon(iconFile)


Object parent(<String> name, <Object> sketcher)

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